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We’re Smart Tech Ventures, and we focus on disrupting industries.  Our founding team with more than 50 years of experience in technology, finance and retail; focus on bringing capital and business know-how to technology start-up's with skill and groundbreaking technology solutions.

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Changing the Rules of the Game

About Us

Smart Tech sees the world through a digital transformation perspective. New technologies and the process of global digital transformation brings a diverse range of opportunities, where brilliant ideas and startups need to meet with sources of capital, business skills and network. 

We do observe that most of the successful startups which build a game-changing product or service can falter in the go-to-market phase or fail to gain traction as they lack the related sources which can lead them to a strong exit. This is where the big opportunity lies.

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Our Vision

Smart Tech Ventures targets a success rate of 70%+ in terms of achieving a significant capital flow to its investments and successfully shift from development to a scaling. Our primary aim is to have an active involvement the management by directly contributing to strategy building, business development and critical problem solving as well as finance and know-how support.
What makes Smart Tech unique is its diverse range of expertise and in developing countries like Turkey, UAE or India which has a skilled entrepreneur base with a low cost work labor, shot time-to- pilot phase and a considerable consumer population for deploying a solid use case. We transfer our experience and in these countries environments to nurture and create world-class ventures.

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We Focus on Future Tech

Our Focus

Video Analytics: The recent developments in machine learning have given a solid trust to our video analytics capabilities and we are now ready to define nearly every aspect of our physical world in terms of its digital counterparts. By this means, we invest in companies which provide solutions and capabilities in retail analytics, path optimization, surveillance, person and vehicle tracking and digital marketing solutions built on video analytics.

Internet of Things: We already live in a connected world with more than 50 billion devices talking to each other. There is a solid growth area in businesses which can build and design user focused seamless flows that can be integrated to any industrial and consumer based process.

Blockchain: Blockchain revolution provides a truly open and distributed global platform while fundamentally changing what, how and with whom we create value online. Companies aiming to disrupt existing business models with blockchain solutions are directly on our radar.

Automated Vehicles: Robots, drones and self-driving vehicles have been widely applicable in the last decade. Especially industrial and agricultural applications of drones, combined with analytics capabilities as well as automated decision systems for battery charging or path optimization are in our main focus area.

Augmented Reality: With the progress of augmented reality applications as well as googles and related body-worn devices like gloves, bracelets etc., we foresee a significant change in business models which already need a physical personal involvement – which can be replaced with a remote and enhanced service in every major industry. We are directly interested in companies that provide innovative software solutions as well as hardware manufacturers.

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

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We’re happy to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about our technology business and how you can benefit from working with us.

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16192 Coastal Highway, Delaware, USA

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